Little & Loud Music Kit - Little Edition

Your very own Little & Loud music kit to enjoy together at home. 


The 'Little' Kit:

1 drawstring cotton bag, 1 floaty scarf, 1 shaker, 1 castanet, 1 set of jingle bells, 1 star conductor wand, 1 rainbow rattle (please make your selection in the 'Type' box)

*Please note the colour of scarf and pattern on the shaker will vary 


We have two kits available, the 'Little' and the 'Loud'! Both kits are the same apart from one item. The 'Little' kit contains a choice of rainbow rattles and is aimed more at babies. The 'Loud' kit contains a crocodile clapper in place of the rattle.


Please use under parental supervision!

Little & Loud Music Kit - Little Edition